Drinking, reimagined.

Customers can pour their own drinks and pay at the tap of an app. 

The world's only true self-service experience that increases your profits by over 50%.

Drink Vend pays for itself

A true self-service environment will dramatically increase your profits. Drink Vend significantly reduces labour costs, and can deliver a ROI in under one month.


Increase in revenue


Reduction in labour


More profits


Or less wastage

The first app-centred self-service drink solution.

Reporting and control, at your fingertips


Operator tools

We provide you with everything you need to operate your business. From real-time reporting and employee management, our systems are flexible to suit your needs. 


Customer Experience

Customers can download the drinkvend app or an app to suit your branding. Customers can top-up their physical cards, create profiles and view transactions all from the app.

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Why Drink Vend?

We provide you with the full self-service environment. A full suite of tools allow you to run your business from anywhere. Our technology allows your customers to have the best experience possible whilst maximising your profits. 

Drink Vend Card

What’s new…

Our loyalty card can be branded to suit your bar. The new update means they can also be used for paying for anything in your venue. No need for different forms of payment from your tap wall and your food or spirits. 


Less Touch Points
Our products allow customers to have the least possible amount of touch points on their drink before consuming it. Much more COVID safe!
Less Waiting
Forget crowding around a bar, forget bar fights about "who is next", self pouring allows multiple people to be served quicker. Less waiting means happier customers!
More Efficiency
Customers can serve themselves, meaning you can serve more people at once. Reduce your labour cost whilst increasing revenues.