About Drink Vend

The Drink Vend brand is owned and operated by Core Pay Limited, and a subsidiary of the technology company Zotto. 

Our technology operates in bars and restaurants globally. The group was founded in 2015, and has around 17,000 customers spanning over 120 countries. 

We specialise in innovative technology solutions for the drinks industry to increase efficiency and reduce wastage. Our self-service products can pay for itself within just one month. 

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Managing Director
Joe is a serial entrepreneur who has worked across multiple sectors including finance, technology and construction.
Group CEO
Farry is an innovator with a pragmatic approach to problem solving. Farry is the CEO of Zotto, our group company and is on the board of directors.
Product Manager
Hiral holds a degree in business management and legal studies. She helps our customers day-to-day.
Board Advisor
His commercial acumen and technical insight provide significant value to our board. Vincenzo’s background is in start-ups, media and security.
Head of Development
Mahesh is our development guru. All things coding, we go to him. Mahesh and his team work tirelessly to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible technology.
Risk & Product Manager
Ravi is our risk pro. He reviews transactions and our systems to ensure compliance, and helps businesses.
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Why The Name Drink Vend

Drink Vend is exactly what we do. We decided create a brand that told people that. Our solutions can dispense just about any drink, so it made sense to call it that. As we’re part of a larger group, we can provide a multitude of services that others often can’t. 

It also works to be part of the larger group, to make complicated technology beautifully simple. 

What makes us different?

Eco friendly

The environment is at the heart of what we do. The majority of our systems work with kegged drinks, which is more friendly that plastics and glass. We think about the environment in our supply chains and review suppliers where possible. 

Global reach

We’re global. We operate in around 120 countries. Our systems are multi-currency and include a range of languages. We also strongly believe in a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Jargon free

We’re here to make a difference in hospitality.  This means no jargon or  corporate-speak. From our T&Cs to our emails, we aim to be open, transparent and easy to understand.

Innovation first

Whether its mobile apps or connecting drink dispensing systems, innovation is at the heart of what we do. We’re always adding features to our eco-system. If there’s a particular feature that you’re after,  tell us – and we might just build it..


How We Got Here

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Our self-pour solutions provide our customers with the ability to make amazing savings, whilst providing something different to their customers.

As Zotto grew and expanded, we set about creating a company that matched what we do – drinks vending. Our solutions come fully integrated meaning you only ever need to call us.

We work together as a team, and like to socialise when we can!

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Benefits of Self-service

More Sales

Our systems can increase your sales dramatically, which means more profits!
Less Waste
Our systems allows you to charge your customers for each drop, maximising each keg and improving your yields.
Reduce Costs
Self-pour solutions allow your customers to serve themselves, significantly reducing your overheads and improving profits!
Tailored to you
Our flexible solutions allow you to serve how you want to. Our solutions can reduce labour costs by over 50%.
Fastest Transactions
We can provide you with self-service apps and top-ups to keep transaction times to a minimum.
Flexible Usage
Not only is the ROI amazing, it reduces the headache of managing staff. We can provide you loans, leasing or purchasing options.

Like the sound of Drink Vend? Join the club.